Monday, 26 July 2010

How To Look 10 Years Younger and Stay There!

I went a bit "Cold Turkey" with a patch ...

I realised that to get a job at my age in a shop where most clothes would require a size 8 to show them off to their best, at nearly 50 I was going to have to take drastic measures. Recently I began to promote my Colour Analysis service, which is the science of image and seasonal tones, and to project myself as a successful proponent of style and image, I decided to review my own progress.

The photograph never lies, and unfortunately, I kind of wished that I had not started down this route when I uploaded the images on to the screen. For my age, I already look quite young, although no one will confirm at what stage in my life they consider me, well not to my face! So to look 10 years younger, a credible 30 would be nice which is pushing the boundary quite a bit, slim, even a size 8 if at all possible, would need a lot of work.

So I decided to blog my efforts at fulfilling the desire of most women to get their youthful looks and figure back ...

Week One

Before I started on this route, I was wondering through Selfridges when a book caught my eye, Jason Vale's "Juice Yourself Slim". I was already feeling a bit depressed after looking at the competition and decided to spend valuable money (£9.99) to purchase it. So on the plastic it went! However, when I got home, I did what most of us do and went straight to the Launch Plan, and was just browsing around the recipes etc. when Jason said, that the best way to get the most out of the plan was to read the whole book chapter and verse. I proceeded to read it through on the Saturday up to the point when the plan started. I have to say that I had already been out to buy the components, all £48 worth of them from the Shopping List provided, which you can download online and print out. Very handy!

Then, being a woman who loves statistics, I asked my husband if he could photograph me in my tankini as part of the experiment. We took down the vital measurements, weight, height and shoe size, just to plot any significant differences and as the plan started on Monday, I psyched myself up for the week ahead of juices, smoothies and soups. I actually thought, that what was on the plan would be too much for me, as I do not really have a very hearty appetite as it is. Out of the garage came the ancient exercise bike, which is more like a rowing machine in the way it reacts to me lifting the handle bars.

Although I did not do a lot of exercise, two 20 minute sessions per day are recommended, I kept my body moving in various activities through the week. To my surprise though, by Wednesday, I was beginning to see some changes and by the end of the week I had had a significant loss in weight and size, so much so that I felt confident enough to go and buy an outfit for a proposed interview and had my hair done.

The "patch" had been that even though I had gone "Cold Turkey" without my regular dose of tannin's, salt and sugar, I did occasionally have a mug of tea or coffee if it was made for me but rarely made it myself and I actually did not miss it much. The second and fourth day, I did get a couple of bad headaches, but that was to be expected as I was detoxing, and yet it was not a very uncomfortable exercise, and I enjoyed following a plan which although a bit messy was not difficult.

So now about the statistics and the dreaded before and after pictures:

Week One: lost 3 (lbs) in weight, 1.5" off the bust, 2" off the waist, and 0.5" off the hips. I had become a rounded pear shape, so now this brought me back to more of an hourglass shape with 10" between the waist and hips, but with a little bit of tummy which needs to be flattened.


My plan for next week is to carry on with the Launch Plan but only using the breakfast smoothies, soups and adding salads at the back of the book with cheeses and fish. As an additional treat, hopefully on Wednesday I will start a course of Instant Inch Loss Body Wraps which are on Special Offer from Laserina Clinic at the moment, 3 in total for £150, to add impetus to my weight loss regime. The lovely aloe vera gel with the gorgeous fragrances of aromatherapy oils will improve the appearance of my skin which has already benefited from the new diet.

You can get 3 x Free Face Lift Therapies with the course, or even try out an Endermologie Lipomassage for £15 extra instead of one of the wraps, which might be something I will consider to keep my youthful looking appearance. A course of 15 sessions of Endermologie normally costs £750, but Laserina Clinic always has some Special Offers during the Summer to get you ready for the beach. I am also considering some IPL laser hair removal treatment for my upper lip and chin, underarms, bikini and full legs.

So watch this space for my weekly progress, and by mid August see whether I get my dream job.

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Disclaimer: This is a diary of Claire Ray's own activities in trying to lose weight and inches. Laserina Clinic does not actively recommend any particular diets but would always suggest that you visit your Doctor before going ahead with a dietary regime.